First Post! Hello and info

So HI! My name is Stacy and I am an avid user of essential oils! I began using essential oils almost 2 years ago, just off and on and first. Honestly, I started trying them just to prove people wrong that oils DON’T work, and boy I proved myself wrong!!

I had tried Young Living Oils and realized that I just can not afford them. I actually started working out with  a Facebook friend and found out she is co-owner of a local essential oil company. Gritman Essential Oils in Friendswood, TX is my oil company of choice. They offer good high quality oils and can request that any be tested for purity if you feel the need to question any.


This will be my first image share, my daughter is using it right now on her upset tummy. It is just simple blend of Ginger, and Peppermint, add whatever carrier oil that you use into your rollerball and rub it all over your belly!


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